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Sinulid Overview

The SINULID graduation collection is about the exploration of new materials and the perspective of the evolving Filipino identity. There are two types of showcase this year, the full collection and the art exhibit piece.

The collections are composed of 3 looks with narratives ranging from Philippine traditions, disaster, environmental issues, and cultural fusions.

The art exhibit pieces are displays of the students’ interpretation of Modern Filipino through the use of unconventional materials and techniques.

Weaving a Culture

The Filipino culture is undoubtedly rich and vibrant. From the historical cultures of the islands and the seas, religious deities, mystical folklore, and oriental influences, to the contemporary and pop cultures of OFW balikbayans, cockfighting, and the challenges of daily life.

With our colorful culture comes our passion for expression through the finest arts, textile designs, and weaving. Through the years, art and textiles have been a means of creating clothing that allows the preservation of our culture and ways of life.

In this collection series, the College of Saint Benilde Fashion Design and Merchandising graduates continue this tradition of cultural preservation by choosing influences from Philippine historical and pop cultures and showcasing their textile designs through experimenting on their choices of materials and garment construction.

The collections worked on used a combination of traditional and non-traditional materials. Some used textiles as is while exploring the limits of the fabric by creating irregular surfaces, shapes, and forms. Layering and repetition were applied as elements to create wearable, yet unique clothing pieces. Other students incorporated unconventional materials like books, resin, silicone, wood, paper and screen, bubble wraps, and dyed old “kumot”. Each collection tells of stories told by today's generation, reminiscent of our history and our people's gallantry in life’s challenges then and now.

Although their creative exploration and experimentation were put to halt by the Covid19 pandemic, these young designers managed to channel their creativity to explore the available materials. They focused and worked on what they have to create and finish their graduation capstone collection in this unconventional time.

For them, this is weaving their culture in an unconventional time, a product of creativity and resiliency.